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Amazon Prime Day wächst weiter

„This year’s Prime Day broke sales recordsShoppers aren’t showing any signs of getting tired of Amazon Prime Day, even though some sellers had said they weren’t planning on offering deals this year. – Amazon (AMZN) said that Prime Day, held this past Monday and Tuesday, was the biggest two-day sales period for third-party sellers in the company’s history. Amazon said sales from third-party merchants outpaced its own sales. – Amazon also said Prime members purchased more than 250 million items worldwide on Prime Day. Robotic vacuums, coffee makers and Crest Whitestrips were some of the top-selling products. … Overall, online spending during the two-day event surpassed $11 billion, a 6.1% increase compared to last year’s Prime Day held in October, according to Adobe Analytics…“


Instagram Algorithmen vs Freunde

Instagram tests putting suggested posts ahead of your friends’ – A priority on algorithm-chosen content – Instagram says reception to its ’suggested posts‘ feature has been so positive that it’s launching a new test: this time, suggested posts will be mixed throughout your primary feed, sometimes ahead of photos and videos from people you follow. … Although this change is only a test for now, it could signal a major shift in how the platform works. Instagram, of course, has an interest in surfacing suggested content to keep people on the app for longer.“

The Verge

Twitter KI Ethik im META Team

„How Twitter hired tech’s biggest critics to build ethical AI – Twitter’s META team is made up of some of tech’s most notorious critics, and two more will soon be joining them: Sarah Roberts and Kristian Lum. … META stands for Machine Learning, Ethics, Transparency and Accountability … Many of the researchers and leaders in the ethical machine-learning worlds believe that working inside a tech company and accepting a role as an adviser (rather than an enforcer) makes the work useless. That idea frustrated Chowdhury, Williams and Font, all of whom kept returning to the idea that you can’t make real progress if you’re forever apart from the industry you’re critiquing.“


NFT: Berners-Lee erklärt Auktion

Tim Berners-Lee defends auction of NFT representing web’s source code – Creator of the world wide web says digital asset is ‘totally aligned with the values of the web’ – Tim Berners-Lee has defended his decision to auction an NFT (non-fungible token) representing the source code to the web, comparing the sale to an autographed book or a speaking tour. – The creator of the world wide web announced his decision to create and sell the digital asset through Sotheby’s auction house last week. In the auction, which begins on Wednesday and will run for one week, collectors will have the chance to bid on a bundle of items, including the 10,000 lines of the source code to the original web browser, a digital poster created by Berners-Lee representing the code, a letter from him, and an animated video showing the code being entered. … ‚I’m not even selling the source code. I’m selling a picture that I made, with a Python programme that I wrote myself, of what the source code would look like if it was stuck on the wall and signed by me.'“

The Guardian