eicker.TV gibt es als Vlog auf YouTube, TikTok, Instagram und zusätzlich als Podcast auf SoundCloud: Der Podcast kann bei Apple, Google, Spotify und über viele weitere Podcastclients abonniert werden.

Cloud auf dem Abstellgleis?

Cloud stocks plunge to six-month low as investors hasten rotation out of recent top performers – An index of cloud software stocks dropped for the seventh day in eight days, reaching its lowest since November. – Investors have been moving out of tech broadly and into stocks that are considered safer bets. The Dow is trading just below a record. – Shares of Twilio and ServiceNow dropped last week after the companies reported better-than-expected results.“


Roblox wächst um satte 140%

Roblox revenue grows 140% in first earnings report since company went public – In Q1, Roblox reported a loss per share of 46 cents, the company reported on Wednesday. – It also brought in $387 million of revenue. … The gaming app for kids has surged in popularity during the coronavirus pandemic, as schools shut down and sports teams suspended games.“


PlayStation VR: 400×2040 Pixel

„Exclusive: Next-Gen PlayStation VR Is 4K With Foveated Rendering And Vibration Feature – Sony’s next-generation VR headset for PlayStation 5 has significantly higher resolution, inside-out tracking, a vibration motor, and even foveated rendering, reliable sources tell UploadVR. …Sony shared details with partners. Those details include a resolution of 4000×2040 pixels (2000×2040 per eye), a lens separation adjustment dial, and gaze tracking capable of foveated rendering. A motor in the headset can be used by developers to give direct haptic feedback.“


Facebook: erst lesen, dann teilen

Facebook wants to make sure you’ve read the article you’re about to share – The new pop-up is being tested starting today – Facebook has announced on Twitter that it will start testing a pop-up that asks users if they’re sure they want to share an article that they haven’t opened. The pop-up will prompt users to read the article, but they can also choose to continue sharing it if they want. A Facebook spokesperson said the test would be rolled out to 6 percent of Android users worldwide.“

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