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Berners-Lee Startup Ramps Up Aim To DecentralizeNet‚ – The startup Inrupt launched by internet founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee is stepping up activity in its mission to build a new world wide web… In the works are a new operational team and pilot projects as Inrupt strives to create a ‚massively scalable, production-quality technology platform.‘ – Berners-Lee pioneered the internet in 1989 but is not happy with the way it has been taken over by profit-seeking enterprises. He said there is interest from open source developers, entrepreneurs, tech company executives and government officials who all want to back Inrupt’s pursuit to decentralize the internet and give users control. … Inrupt has brought on five top technologists including veteran cryptography expert Bruce Schneier to serve as the head of security architecture. The startup is also teaming up with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority in the U.K. for an ‚early years‘ app that will digitize medical files for children up to the age of 2.5 years.“


„Dezentrales Web: Bruce Schneier steigt bei Solid ein – Das Team um die Entwickler des dezentralen Web-Projekts Solid wird größer: Kryptografie-Experte Bruce Schneier steigt ein. – Der US-amerikanische Experte für Kryptografie und Computersicherheit, Bruce Schneier, wird Teil des Teams, das sich um ein dezentrales Web bemüht. … Inrupt kündigt in einem Blogbeitrag die Neuen im Team an: Der Sicherheitsexperte Davi Ottenheimer wird Vizepräsident für digitale Ethik und Vertrauen. Osmar Olivo kommt als Produktmanager dazu. Ingenieur Emmet Townsend kümmert sich um die Einhaltung der Standards bezüglich Regierungen sowie für Nutzer. Technikchef wird Sarven Capadisli. – Bruce Schneiers neue Bezeichnung bei Inrupt lautet Chief of Security Architecture.“


China vs Coronavirus-Kritiker

„Here’s How China Is Hunting Down Coronavirus Critics – Post something about coronavirus online? Expect a visitor at your door. … As China ramps up efforts to control the narrative around the coronavirus outbreak, it is also expanding its efforts to leverage online platforms to track down people who dare to speak out. From tracking down Twitter users using their mobile numbers to hacking WeChat accounts to find out someone’s location, Beijing is eager to stop any negative news from being shared online – and is will to use intimidation, arrests and threats of legal action.“


Apple ARM im Mac!

Apple to release first ARM Mac without Intel processor in next 18 months, predicts Kuo – Kuo is predicting that one of Apple’s new products to be released within the next 12-18 months will be a Mac with an in-house processor, instead of using an Intel CPU. There have been growing reports over the last couple of years about Apple making the switch to a custom-designed ARM processor for its Macs and today’s report gives a concrete timeframe for when to expect that launch, which has actually held true since Kuo’s prediction back in 2018.“


Decentraland auf Ethereum

„Lost in Decentraland: My journey through a very ambitious, kind of buggy, kind of empty Ethereum-powered virtual world – TL;DR – Decentraland’s Ethereum-based virtual world went live this week. – I spent several hours exploring the world, taking part in activities, visiting locations and experiencing all that I could – Long story short: Decentraland is an ambitious virtual world with an unpolished feel. … It’s a virtual world where players actually own the stuff they build and acquire, and ownership is logged via ETH transactions.“

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