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Dezentralisierung II.

Snapchat will permanently ban Trump’s account – Snapchat will permanently ban President Trump’s account on Jan. 20, Axios has learned, after locking it indefinitely last week following the Capitol siege. … Snapchat follows Twitter, Shopify and a few other platforms in permanently banning Donald Trump’s account following last week’s events.“


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the Trump ban reflected ‚a failure‘ to police online discourse – Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explained in a tweetstorm that the company faced an ‚extraordinary and untenable circumstance‘ – In a lengthy philosophical tweetstorm, Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey said he took no pride in the decision to remove President Trump’s account from the service last week, describing the decision as a ‚failure‘ to ultimately create a service that could sustain civil discourse and healthy conversations.“

Washington Post

Internet 3.0 and the Beginning of (Tech) History – One year ago I wrote The End of the Beginning, which posited that the history of information technology was not, as popularly believed, one of alternating epochs disrupted by new paradigms, but rather a continuous shift along two parallel axis: The place we compute shifted from a central location to anywhere; the time in which we compute shifted from batch processes to continuous computing. The implication of viewing the shift from mainframe computing, to personal computing on a network, to mobile connections to the cloud, as manifestations of a single trend was just as counterintuitive… Last week, in response to the violence at the Capitol and the fact it was incited by Trump, first Facebook and then Twitter de-platformed the President; a day later Apple, Google, and Amazon kicked Parler, another social network where Trump supporters congregated and in-part planned Wednesday’s action, out of their App Stores and hosting service, respectively, effectively killing the service. – After years of defending Facebook and Twitter’s decisions to keep Trump on their services, I called for him to be kicked off last Thursday, and I explained yesterday why tech’s collective action in response to last Wednesday’s events was a uniquely American solution to a genuine crisis… Tech companies would surely argue that the context of Trump’s removal was exceptional, but when it comes to sovereignty it is not clear why U.S. domestic political considerations are India’s concern, or any other country’s. … Companies, meanwhile, will note the fate of Parler. … Here technology itself will return to the forefront: if the priority for an increasing number of citizens, companies, and countries is to escape centralization, then the answer will not be competing centralized entities, but rather a return to open protocols. This is the only way to match and perhaps surpass the R&D advantages enjoyed by centralized tech companies; open technologies can be worked on collectively, and forked individually, gaining both the benefits of scale and inevitability of sovereignty and self-determination.“


Biden und das Internet

Airbnb canceling and blocking DC reservations during inauguration week – Airbnb is canceling and blocking future reservations in the Washington, D.C., metro area during the week of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, the company said Wednesday. – Guests who had reserved a place will be refunded in full, the company said. – It will also reimburse Airbnb hosts with the money they would have earned.“


Facebook Sees Increase in Users Promoting Violent Events – Facebook Inc. said an increasing number of users are posting fliers and images using violent or incendiary language to promote gatherings across the country over the next week, echoing warnings from law enforcement that there could be another attack similar to last week’s riot at the U.S. Capitol.“


TikTok schützt Jugendliche

TikTok changes privacy settings for its youngest usersYounger teensvideos can no longer be remixed with Duet and Stitch. – TikTok is introducing a new set of ‚enhanced‘ privacy settings that restricts certain features for younger teens and changes the app’s default settings on accounts belonging to older teens who are under 18.“


Homeoffice: Pflicht erforderlich?

„Braucht es eine Pflicht zum Homeoffice? – Pro und Contra – Reicht es, dass die Bundesregierung Arbeitgeber bittet, ihre Angestellten ins Homeoffice zu schicken? Wäre eine Pflicht nicht hilfreicher in der Pandemie? – Wie der Bund und die Länder mit Corona umgehen, ist widersinnig. Während Kindergärten und Schulen geschlossen und private Treffen auf ein Mindestmaß reduziert werden, läuft der Betrieb in den meisten Unternehmen weiter. Die Politik bittet die Firmen lediglich darum, Homeoffice-Möglichkeiten zu schaffen – mit anscheinend nachlassendem Erfolg: Trotz hoher Corona-Infektionszahlen und mutierter Varianten des Virus arbeiten im aktuellen zweiten Shutdown laut jüngsten Zahlen nur halb so viele Beschäftigte von zu Hause wie im Frühjahr 2020.“