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Homeoffice vs Coronavirus

Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are asking Seattle-based staff to work from home because of coronavirus – Amazon and Facebook have shut down individual offices as well – Numerous tech companies have asked their Seattle-based employees to work from home to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Both Amazon and Facebook have shut down offices in the area after confirming that their Seattle-based employees have indeed contracted COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.“

The Verge

Kurzzeitmiete: EU aggregiert Daten

Airbnb, Expedia and Others Agree to Landmark Data-Sharing Deal With European Union – The deal means that for the first time reliable information about the short-term rental market will be made public via the EU’s statistical office Eurostat. – This is the first time that short-term rental competitors have come together to share data about a global market. … When the first lot of data becomes available later this year we’ll have a better understanding of where the market is. „


DuckDuckGo vs Onlinetracking

„Privacy-focused DuckDuckGo launches new effort to block online tracking – Browser makers can and will use a carefully created and now freely shared list of companies that track your online activity. – The company said Thursday it’s started sharing a data set called Tracker Radar that details 5,326 internet domains used by 1,727 companies and organizations that track you online. The data is available to anyone, and browser maker Vivaldi said on Tuesday it has begun doing so.“


Clearview AI gab App an Investoren

Clearview AI Lured Rich Investors by Letting Them Rummage Around in Its Creepy Face Recognition App – Creepy facial recognition firm Clearview AI – which claims to have built an extensive database from billions of photos scraped from the public web – allowed the rich and powerful to use its app as a personal plaything and spy tool, according to reporting from the New York Times on Thursday.“