eicker.TV gibt es als Vlog auf YouTube, TikTok, Instagram und zusätzlich als Podcast auf SoundCloud: Der Podcast kann bei Apple, Google, Spotify und über viele weitere Podcastclients abonniert werden.

iOS 14.5 vs (Werbe-)Tracking

iOS 14.5 coming to iPhone and iPad ‘next week’ – iOS 14.5 will be available for iPhone and iPad next week after an extended software beta period that started in February. The latest software update brings loads of new features including two new Siri voices, strong protection against app tracking, a redesigned Podcasts experience, and much more.“


iOS 14.5 launches next week, takes on Facebook and Google tracking – Apple’s software update, available for free next week for iPhones and iPads, promises major privacy changes. … The most controversial change comes when people open up apps from companies like Facebook. There, they’ll be asked whether they consent to having their activity tracked across apps and websites they use. Facebook will begin including a message in its app to explain what it uses this tracking for, but it has also started a campaign pushing back against Apple’s approach. … Though Apple’s new iOS 14.5 privacy settings will push these issues front and center when they offer people an easy way to turn off more-invasive tracking, they won’t put an end to the practice, though Google promises it’s easing up a bit.“


Apple Podcasts Subscriptions

Apple introduces Podcasts Subscriptions to pay creators for content in redesigned app – Apple has officially an all-new feature coming to Podcasts next month. Apple Podcasts Subscriptions will allow listeners to directly support podcasters through the Podcasts app. … Pricing for each subscription is set by creators and billed monthly by default. Creators can additionally offer annual billing, which subscribers can manage from their Apple ID account settings, now accessible from Listen Now. Listeners will also be able to access free trials and sample episodes offered by creators.“


Netflix geht die Puste aus

Netflix’s flood of new subscribers has slowed to a trickle – Netflix’s membership growth was white-hot during much of the pandemic, but Netflix predicts a sleepy first half of the year until its proven hits start returning. – Netflix said subscribers increased by 4 million to 207.6 million total in January through March, according to its first-quarter results, announced Tuesday. That falls short of Netflix’s January guidance to add 6 million new members. Analysts on average had expected about 6.3 million member additions, according to Thomson Reuters.“


Venmo mit Kryptowährungen

Venmo adds support for buying, holding and selling cryptocurrencies – Venmo is adding support for cryptocurrency, starting today. The company says it will begin to roll out the ability for Venmo’s more than 70 million users to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies directly in the app, similar to the support Venmo parent company PayPal added late last year. Initially, Venmo will support four types of cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash – the same that PayPal offers its U.S. users.“


Discord lässt sich nicht kaufen

Discord lehnt Microsofts Übernahmeangebot ab – Microsofts Gebot von 10 Milliarden Dollar war Discord nicht genug. Der vor allem bei Gamern beliebte Messenger will unabhängig bleiben und strebt an die Börse. – Discord hat die Übernahmegespräche mit Microsoft beendet und das Angebot abgelehnt, berichtet das Wall Street Journal. Der Messenger-Dienst will stattdessen an die Börse gehen. Die Gespräche waren vor rund einem Monat aufgenommen worden. Microsoft soll mehr als 10 Milliarden US-Dollar für Discord geboten haben.“