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Kanada: Clearview illegal

„‚What Clearview does is mass surveillance and it is illegal‘: Privacy watchdog slams facial recognition tech previously used by RCMP and Toronto police – Canadian regulators say a facial recognition tool used by scores of police services and some private companies nationwide was illegal, and that use of Clearview AI’s artificial intelligence technology amounted to ‚mass surveillance‘ on millions of innocent citizens.“

Toronto Star

Clearview AI ruled ‚illegal‘ by Canadian privacy authorities – Controversial facial recognition startup Clearview AI violated Canadian privacy laws when it collected photos of Canadians without their knowledge or permission, the country’s top privacy watchdog has ruled. … The Canadian privacy watchdog rejected Clearview’s arguments, and said it would ‚pursue other actions‘ if the company does not follow its recommendations, which included stopping the collection on Canadians and deleting all previously collected images.“


Apple Car soll vollautonom fahren

Apple and Hyundai-Kia pushing toward deal on Apple Car – According to one source familiar with Hyundai-Kia strategy, ‚Chung has made it clear, mobility is the future of the company.‘ That’s important because the Apple Car will be fully autonomous. – Sources familiar with Apple’s interest in working with Hyundai say the tech giant wants to build the ‚Apple Car‘ in North America with an established automaker willing to allow Apple to control the software and hardware that will go into the vehicle.“


Autonomes Fahren: Level 0 bis 5

Autonomes Fahren: Das bedeuten Level 0 bis 5 … Die gemeinnützige Organisation mit Sitz in den USA hat unter der Bezeichnung SAE J3016 erstmals im Jahr 2014 eine Norm herausgebracht, die das autonome Fahren über ein Level-System klassifiziert und definiert. Zum größten Teil hat die Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (Bast) diese Einteilungen für das eigene Muster übernommen, allerdings unterscheidet sie nur fünf Stufen, Level 5 geht in Level 4 auf. … Level 5: Autonomes Fahren – Das meint die komplette dauerhafte Fahrzeugführung des Systems. Selbst komplexe Situationen an Kreuzungen oder Übergängen meistert das Fahrzeug selbstständig. Es gibt nur noch Passagiere.“


TikTok: Faktenprüfung vs Fakenews

TikTok will prompt users when videos are flagged as misleading – TikTok partners with fact checkers to help assess the accuracy of content. If fact checks confirm content to be false, the content gets removed. If the facts checks are inconclusive, TikTok may notify users to consider the video before sharing it. … If a video is deemed false by a fact-checker, the video’s creator will be notified that their video was flagged as unsubstantiated content, potentially making it ineligible to appear in users‘ main ‚For You‘ feed. … TikTok has taken a series of incremental steps to help reduce the spread of misinformation, hate speech and other bad content on its platform over the past year.“


Bezos: „greatest CEO in tech history“

„The Relentless Jeff Bezos – What is clear, though, is that any attempt to understand the relentlessness of the company redirects to their founder, Jeff Bezos, who announced plans to step down as CEO after leading the company for twenty-seven years. He is arguably the greatest CEO in tech history, in large part because he created three massive businesses, all of which generate enormous consumer surplus and enjoy impregnable moats: Amazon.com, AWS, and the Amazon platform (this is a grab-all term for the Amazon Marketplace and Fulfillment offerings; it is lumped in with Amazon.com in the company’s reporting). These three businesses are the result of Bezos’ rare combination of strategic thinking, boldness, and drive, and the real world manifestations of Amazon’s three most important tactics: leverage the Internet, win with scale, and being your first best – but not only – customer. … What is somewhat ironic, though, is that while the Internet is unquestionably a critical component of what makes Amazon Amazon, what makes the company so valuable and seemingly impregnable is the way it has integrated backwards into the world of atoms.“