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Defensive: Tech als Utility

Tech Stocks Are Doing Great. Pain Is Everywhere Else – Scratch the surface of the latest stock rally, and investors remain steadfast in their conviction that real life isn’t returning anytime soon. – The best companies over the past month are, once again, those that win from people continuing to shop online and work remotely. … The mega caps are becoming an indicator of defensive positioning, while riskier corners struggle. … ‚Much stems from tech’s new role as a utility – something consumers and businesses simply can’t live without,‘ Lei Qiu, a fund manager overseeing tech stocks at AllianceBernstein, wrote in a note. ‚These necessities have become even greater as the pandemic increased the need for remote shopping, learning and working.'“


TikTok vs Trump und vs Byte

TikTok Teens Are ‚Going to War‘ Against the Trump Campaign After Republicans Call to Ban the App – The TikTokTivists are at it again. – Thousands of users of the popular video app flocked to the Apple App Store in the last few days to flood U.S. President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign app with negative reviews. On Wednesday alone 700 negative reviews were left on the Official Trump 2020 app and 26 positive ones, according to tracking firm Sensor Tower.“


Alt TikTok Has Migrated To Byte After The Trump Administration’s Announcement And Is Taking Over – The very best part of TikTok is looking for greener pastures now that the Trump administration has set its sights on the China-based app. – In the last few days, Byte has been taken over by ‚alt TikTok,‘ a section of the app known for absurdist humor, as well as gay TikTok, which is more self-explanatory.“


FYP.RIP Lets TikTok Creators Download Every Video They’ve Ever Made At Once – Over the past few days, the shortform video app has been banned in India (one of the largest smartphone/internet usage markets in the world), banned–then unbanned, apparently–from use by Amazon employees over alleged security risks, and is ‚certainly‘ being considered for a potential ban in the U.S., according to Trump administration secretary of state Mike Pompeo. … FYP.RIP lets TikTok creators download their entire content library in one file – The free tool, released Wednesday by tech startup Stir, lets TikTok creators download every video they’ve made on the app in one ZIP file.“


YouTube RPM: neue Metrik

YouTube is finally letting creators know exactly how they’re making money on YouTube – A new metric called RPM pulls in multiple revenue sources – YouTube creators in the company’s Partner Program can earn money a bunch of different ways – through advertising, subscriptions, donations, live-streaming features, and YouTube Premium revenue. There are a lot of variables, and now YouTube is finally gathering all of those numbers in one place and giving that information to creators in the form of a new monetization metric called RPM.“

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Influencer: YouTube und Twitch

„Missing Link: Internetstars – Von Influencern, YouTubern und Twitchstreamern – Die großen US-Internet-Stars werden bezahlt wie Spitzen-Sportler und Hollywood-Ikonen. Wir haben mit deutschen YouTubern und Twitchstreamern gesprochen. – Einen Computer, eine Webcam und einen Internetzugang, mehr braucht es nicht für ‚Broadcast Yourself‘, dem Ursprungsmotto von YouTube, das 2005 von drei ehemaligen PayPal-Mitarbeitern ins Leben gerufen wurde. Bereits ein Jahr später, am 9. Oktober 2006 hat Google YouTube für umgerechnet 1,31 Milliarden Euro übernommen. Heute bietet die Plattform neben der ursprünglichen Vision der Gründer Platz für professionelle Inhalte zur Unterhaltung und Informationsverbreitung aus nahezu allen erdenklichen Bereichen – und Werbung.“


Signal: bequem(er) oder sicher?

Signal’s New PIN Feature Worries Cybersecurity Experts – The popular encrypted app is now going to store your contacts in the cloud. Experts are worried this compromises users’ privacy. … The changes Signal has made show how there can be a tension between messenger usability and feature set and security. It’s too early to say whether you should stop using the messenger. For most users‘ threat models, it’s still one of the best options. But one of the key things that set Signal apart – that it collects almost no information about its users, appears to be changing.“


Apple ARM: das Ende von Wintel?

Apple Silicon: The Passing of Wintel – We’re about to enter an exciting, messy transition. Not only will Apple Silicon make better Macs, it will force Microsoft to polish its Windows on ARM act, both hardware and software. In turn, this will cause PC OEMs to reconsider their allegiance to x86 silicon … and that will have serious consequences for the old Wintel partnership.“

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