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Trump hilft WeChat – und Signal

„U.S. downloads of WeChat, Signal apps spike after Trump threatens ban – More users in the United States downloaded chat app WeChat and its encrypted alternative Signal, after President Donald Trump threatened to ban WeChat, owned by Chinese company Tencent, according to Sensor Tower data shared with Reuters on Thursday. – WeChat users in the United States rushed to install the app before it could disappear from the app stores. Others, especially in China, sought alternatives like the encrypted Signal, owned by non-profit Signal Foundation. – WeChat app downloads in the United States rose 41% in a six-day average from the week prior to the U.S. ban announced last Thursday, according to Sensor Tower. Signal app downloads in U.S. and China app stores separately jumped by 30% and 90%.“


Facebook: US-Wahl-Informationen

„Bracing for election day, Facebook rolls out voting resources to US users – Eager to avoid a repeat of its disastrous role as a super-spreader of misinformation during the 2016 election cycle, Facebook is getting its ducks in a row. – Following an announcement earlier this summer, the company is now launching a voting information hub that will centralize election resources for U.S. users and ideally inoculate at least some of them against the platform’s ongoing misinformation epidemic.“


Apple One: Abonnement-Bundle

Apple’s Prime equivalent ‚Apple One‚ will launch in October – According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to launch its all-in-one subscription bundle in October, after months of rumors that the company was working on one. This follows earlier reports, including another from Bloomberg, saying Apple plans to launch an Amazon Prime-like subscription bundle. But this report has many more details to consider than before. … Apple One will be part of iOS 14. It’s currently not a visible part of the iOS 14 beta, but Apple has held features until launch before – usually those that are related to hardware changes in its iPhone lineup that are not announced until months after the first iOS beta reaches users and developers. … The lowest-price tier would include only Apple Music and Apple TV+, the next one up would add Apple Arcade, and another beyond that would add Apple News+. Additionally, an even higher tier would include more iCloud storage.“

Ars Technica

Cyberagentur in Deutschland

Bundes-Cyberagentur gegründet: 350 Millionen Euro für die Cybersicherheit – Offiziell heißt die Gesellschaft ‚Agentur für Innovation in der Cybersicherheit‘, sie soll u.a. ‚Innovationen auf dem Gebiet der Cybersicherheit identifizieren'“ – Die Cyberagentur ist gestartet: Ihre Gründungsurkunde ist unterschrieben und die Geschäftsführung ist bestellt. Offiziell heißt die Gesellschaft Agentur für Innovation in der Cybersicherheit GmbH, sie soll ‚Innovationen auf dem Gebiet der Cybersicherheit identifizieren und konkrete Aufträge für die Entwicklung von innovativen Lösungsmöglichkeiten vergeben‘.“