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eicker.today liefert unter @eickertoday auf Twitter englischsprachige Technews zum Klimawandel, also Nachrichten, die sich insbesondere mit neuen Technologien und der Weiterentwicklung vorhandener Technologien beschäftigen, die den Klimawandel bekämpfen; dazu gleich mehr auf Englisch.

Die Ursache für die Domain, speziell das „iCare“, war jedoch ein anderer: „Eicker“ liest sich im Englischen eher schlecht – und wird folglich auch entsprechend ausgesprochen. Dabei gibt es mit den Wörtern „I care“ eine fast 100%ige Entsprechung – wenn auch bisher nur in der Aussprache. Durch das Zusammenziehen (iCare) steigt sie sogar noch weiter.

Das Schöne an dieser Übereinstimmung und der sinnvollen Bedeutung der englischen Begriffe: Wer sie einmal verinnerlicht hat, vergisst den Gedanken und die Begriffe viel seltener. Solche Konnektierungen werden besonders gerne im Marketing verwendet, um Marken zu verankern und mit Bedeutung aufzuladen.

Gerade mit „iCare“ kann man natürlich arbeiten: die Achtsamkeit für oder Sorge um das Internet wären naheliegend. In Anbetracht allerlei Entwicklungen, das Internet in immer kleinere Netze aufzuspalten oder die Meinungsfreiheit einzuschränken, durchaus sinnvoll verwendet.

Trotzdem ist ein anderes Thema heute wahrlich wichtiger – und dringender: der Klimawandel, genauer die globale, anthropogene Erderwärmung – und genau darum soll es auf eicker.today und unter der Marke iCare.today gehen.

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eicker.today provides English tech news on climate change @eickertoday on Twitter: news that deals with new technologies and the further development of existing technologies that combat climate change; more on this in a minute.

The reason for the domain, especially the „iCare“ – however – was a different one: „Eicker“ reads rather poorly in English – and is therefore pronounced accordingly. But there is an almost 100% correspondence with the words „I care“ – at least until now just in pronunciation. It increases even further when you move them together (iCare).

The nice thing about this correspondence and the meaning of the English words is that once you have internalized them, you won’t forget the thought and the idea. Such connections are particularly popular in marketing to anchor brands and charge them with meaning.

And with „iCare“ you can really work: the attention for or concern about the Internet would be quite obvious. Looking at all sorts of developments, like splitting the Internet into smaller and smaller networks or restricting freedom of expression, it would make perfect sense to use it this way.

Nevertheless, another topic is truly more important and urgent today: climate change, or more precisely the anthropogenic global warming – and this is exactly what eicker.today and the iCare.today brand are supposed to be about.

Daily Tech News

Via @eicker (in English) and @eickerdigital (in German) on Twitter and of course eicker.TV on YouTube and TikTok, eicker.digital delivers a lot of Technews one way or another, daily and: Frisch aus dem Netz.

eicker.today is supposed to take a similar but completely different approach: Instead of classic tech news about the Internet and digitalization, the tech news on @eickertoday will focus on climate change.

But it’s not about pointing out once and again that the anthropogenic global warming is taking place and will lead to dramatic developments: any sensible person should have understood this by now.

Rather, iCare.today is about technologies that can mitigate or even reverse climate change: on a small scale and in visionary form, in digital and analog form. Technology has always made the difference for mankind. So let’s take care of it. Today.

Climate Change

Pretty sure we don’t have too much time left – if at all: We will probably have torn the 1.5 degree climate target – at least temporarily – during the 2020s! With any further increase, the effects will become not only catastrophic but irreversible.

There are many people who bury their heads in the sand in view of the enormous task: People who deny climate change in one way or another. People who simply give up and claim that either way there wouldn’t be any solution.

But humanity wouldn’t be where it is today if it had denied or given up on environmental change. We are where we are because we have always moved on – even in the literal sense. And we have always invented technologies to solve existing problems. And this time we need a lot of tech.

And, of course, new technologies have always led to new problems. But that’s life. Exactly this. So, instead of talking about „the catastrophe“, we should talk about ideas and technologies to avert this very catastrophe. This is exactly what distinguishes us. This is how we work. But we have to start right now:


Far too many people who have long understood the problem shift the search for solutions further and further into the future and to others: „At some point, someone will find some solution.“ – Sorry, but it simply won’t work this way.

We – you and I – have to pay the necessary attention to climate change – and we have to do it now and every single day. – But please without this senseless fatalism: If you want to give up, please do so alone and in a quiet chamber, without bothering anyone else who is looking ahead.

It’s time to actively engage with existing solutions and exciting ideas for solutions. Every single day. At least with a small part of our attention, but continuously. Or in short: iCare.today

Postponing was yesterday. It is time to deal with the available and conceivable technologies, both for oneself and on a large scale, to solve the biggest problem of mankind.