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Das Internet und die US-Wahl

Russia, China and Iran launched cyberattacks on presidential campaigns, Microsoft says – The announcement comes as the presidential campaigns are pushing into the final two months of the race. – Hackers working for Russia, China and Iran have recently escalated their attacks around the U.S. presidential race as Election Day looms, Microsoft says. – Microsoft’s vice president of customer security and trust, Tom Burt, wrote in a blog post published Thursday that the company’s cybersecurity experts had recently seen an uptick in hackers‘ targeting campaigns.“


„New cyberattacks targeting U.S. elections – In recent weeks, Microsoft has detected cyberattacks targeting people and organizations involved in the upcoming presidential election, including unsuccessful attacks on people associated with both the Trump and Biden campaigns, as detailed below. We have and will continue to defend our democracy against these attacks through notifications of such activity to impacted customers, security features in our products and services, and legal and technical disruptions. The activity we are announcing today makes clear that foreign activity groups have stepped up their efforts targeting the 2020 election as had been anticipated, and is consistent with what the U.S. government and others have reported. We also report here on attacks against other institutions and enterprises worldwide that reflect similar adversary activity.“


Twitter expands rules against election-related misinformation, setting up showdown with Trump – Twitter announced Thursday that it is expanding its policies against election-related misinformation, setting new rules that will likely force the platform to more aggressively fact-check President Donald Trump during the final months of the 2020 campaign. – The social media giant rolled out the new policies in a blog post, which said that Twitter will either add fact-check labels to or hide altogether tweets that contain ‚false or misleading information that causes confusion‘ about election rules, or posts with ‚unverified information about election rigging.'“


„Google says it’s eliminating Autocomplete suggestions that target candidates or voting – Ahead of the U.S. presidential election, Google says it has taken a number of steps to improve the quality of information that it highlights across its various search and news products. – Google executives outlined these changes at an online press event today, as well as in a blog post. The biggest change seems to be in its policies around Autocomplete, the feature where Google suggests a search based on what you’ve typed so far.“


Kryptowährungen: USDC & Afrika

USDC Stablecoin Supply Is up 250% in 2020. Here’s Why – Supply of USDC, the Coinbase-backed stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, has grown 80% since July and is showing no signs of slowing down. – Other stablecoins have posted impressive increases as well, with DAI and Binance’s BUSD growing more than 700% so far this year. … The total supply of USDC has topped $1.8 billion… USDC is a centralized dollar-pegged stablecoin issued by the Centre Consortium, founded as a collaboration between Coinbase and payment service company Circle. … USDC was the first Ethereum-based stablecoin to be released after Tether in 2017… [T]he acceleration in USDC issuance may be powered in part by the August 27 release of USDC version 2.0, an upgrade that improved security… [A]s it’s supported by and easily obtained on Coinbase, USDC is also likely the first stablecoin asset to which many new crypto users are exposed… Finally, it’s also cheaper in some instances, a big plus for users looking to apply it to DeFi lending protocols.“


„How bitcoin met the real world in Africa – [I]n Africa, bitcoin – the original and biggest cryptocurrency – is finding the practical use that it has largely failed to elsewhere. … Monthly cryptocurrency transfers to and from Africa of under $10,000 – typically made by individuals and small businesses – jumped more than 55% in a year to reach $316 million in June, the data from U.S. blockchain research firm Chainalysis shows.“


Mimestream: Gmail für macOS

„Former Apple Engineer Introduces Native Gmail Client for Mac With Multi-Account Support, System Notifications, and More – Available in beta, Mimestream is a native app written in Swift and designed with AppKit and SwiftUI for a clean, stock appearance. Jhaveri says the app is designed to be fast, lightweight, and use a minimal amount of disk space.“