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Facebook und Libra Kommunikation

Facebook unveils its independent appeals board – Facebook’s independent Oversight Board will be led by two U.S. constitutional scholars, a former prime minister of Denmark and a former official with the Organization of American States. … The membership spans the political spectrum and includes legal experts as well as people with backgrounds as human rights activists, journalists, political leaders and victims‘ advocates. … 70% have experience living in more than one country. – Only 5 members are based in the U.S. The rest are from all over the globe. – 90% of the current board members speak more than one language. – 29 languages are spoken amongst the 20 board members combined.“


„The Libra Association, the group behind the proposed digital currency invented by Facebook Inc., named former U.S. Treasury Department official Stuart Levey as its first chief executive officer. – Levey has been chief legal officer at London-based bank HSBC Holdings Plc since 2012. As leader of the Libra Association, he will work with global regulators to push the project forward – a daunting task that already led the group to revise its plans for releasing a digital coin. … Before joining HSBC, Levey was under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence at the Treasury Department, where he helped ‚combat illicit finance‘.“


Mojaloop mit Google und Gates

Google and Gates Foundation to help spread digital payments in developing countries – Now, a coalition of nonprofits and tech companies including Google and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation want to repeat those outcomes worldwide by making it easier for developing countries to build real-time digital payments systems. On Wednesday, they announced the formation of the Mojaloop Foundation, which will develop and promote a free, open-source real-time payments platform intended for nations and central banks.“


Shopify verändert den Handel

Shopify earnings: Retail might have changed forever – Q1 revenue: $470 million (+47% YoY, vs. $443 million expected) – Q1 earnings: $31.4 million net loss (up from -$24.2 million Q1 2019, above expectations) … The company told investors that GMV growth accelerated in April, too, though it warned that ‚it is unclear how sustainable consumer spending levels will be in this uncertain economic environment.‘ … It’s pretty clear that this pandemic has accelerated brands‘ moves to online shopping, and for those that want to control the retail experience, Shopify is one of their only options.“


Cookies: Scrollen keine Einwilligung

No cookie consent walls – and no, scrolling isn’t consent, says EU data protection body – You can’t make access to your website’s content dependent on a visitor agreeing that you can process their data – aka a ‚consent cookie wall‘. Not if you need to be compliant with European data protection law. – That’s the unambiguous message from the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), which has published updated guidelines on the rules around online consent to process people’s data.“

TechCrunchEDPB-Guidelines (PDF)

Twitch will interaktives Reality-TV

Twitch is working on ‚live and interactive‘ reality TV showsAmazon is working on more interactive games for streaming, as well as releasing its own premium titles like Crucible and New World, but what else can separate Twitch in an increasingly competitive streaming market? Bloomberg reports that the company is seeking pitches for ‚unscripted‘ television shows (read: reality TV) targeting male gamers between 18 – 24, and the 18-24 age group more generally.“


Microsoft To Do – Superlist kommt

Microsoft To Do gets new features as Wunderlist goes offline – Adding some more missing pieces that make To Do a full Wunderlist replacement – Today is finally the day Wunderlist dies, years after the Microsoft acquisition. Former users are encouraged to switch to Microsoft To Do, Wunderlist’s spiritual successor as a Redmond product. … [I]f you can’t arrange yourself with To Do, you might be happy to hear that the founder behind Wunderlist is participating in the creation of a new product called Superlist.“

Android Police