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Facebook heißt jetzt Meta

»Mark Zuckerberg on why Facebook is rebranding to Meta – The company wants to move past the ‘confusion and awkwardness’ of sharing a name with its main app … On Thursday, he officially became the CEO and chairman of Meta, the new parent company name for Facebook. The rebrand is about solidifying the social media giant as being about the metaverse, which Zuckerberg sees as the future of the internet. … Zuckerberg has been pouring billions of dollars – at least $10 billion this year alone – into building the metaverse, an expansive, immersive vision of the internet taken from the pages of sci-fi novels like Snow Crash and Ready Player One. … Zuckerberg knows that the timing of this rebrand is suspect. … The metaverse as an idea isn’t new, but it wasn’t thrust into the mainstream conversation until Zuckerberg started talking about it publicly earlier this year. … In the next decade, he thinks most people will be spending time in a fully immersive, 3D version of the internet that spans not just Meta’s hardware such as the Quest, but devices made by others.«

The Verge

VR-Headset: Project Cambria

»Facebook teases ‘Project Cambria’ high-end VR / AR headset – Facebook is planning a high-end virtual and augmented reality headset codenamed “Project Cambria.” The device, which was teased briefly during Facebook’s Connect keynote, features cameras that pass high-resolution full-color video to the headset’s screens. It’s supposed to include cutting-edge features that Facebook can’t yet include in the Oculus Quest lineup, but there’s no price or exact release date yet – although Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says it’s a “completely new” product that will sit at the “high end of the price spectrum,” and we’ll apparently see the device released next year.«

The Verge

AR-Glasses: Project Nazare

»Meta Announces AR Glasses Prototype Project Nazare – Alongside the reveal of the new Project Cambria VR headset, Meta (formerly Facebook) just gave a codename to its first pair of consumer AR glasses. Meet Project Nazare. – A demo video of Nazare showed some familiar AR experiences, like communicating with friends in virtual windows and even playing multiplayer with avatars appearing in the user’s living room. There was no actual picture of the hardware itself, but expect more information in the future.«


MR in der Precence Platform

»Facebook is adding a mixed reality platform to Oculus Quest – Facebook says the Presence Platform ‘will be key to feeling connected in the metaverse’ – At this year’s Facebook Connect, the platform revealed something called the Presence Platform, a new way for developers to create mixed reality experiences for the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset. It includes a suite of AI tools for developers that makes the mixed reality experience more immersive, helping to combine the virtual world with physical reality. … Scene Understanding is the final piece of Insight SDK, which allows developers to build virtual reality experiences that match the scale of the player’s room. Facebook notes that as an example, “you can attach a virtual screen to the user’s wall or have a virtual character navigate on the floor with realistic occlusion.”«

The Verge