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Ist Facebook systemrelevant?

„What if Facebook goes down? Ethical and legal considerations for the demise of big tech – Society is becoming increasingly dependent on data-rich, ‚Big Techplatforms and social networks, such as Facebook and Google. But what happens to our data when these companies close or fail? Despite the high stakes involved, this topic has received only limited attention to date. In this article, we use the hypothetical failure of Facebook as a case study to analyse legal and ethical risks related to the closure of data-rich, Big Tech platforms. Focusing on the EU, we argue that existing governance frameworks are inadequate for addressing these risks and make preliminary recommendations with a view to setting an agenda for future research and policymaking on the demise of Big Tech platforms and data-rich companies more broadly.“

Internet Policy Review

Facebook and other tech giants ‚too big to fail‘ – Researchers call for new regulations to protect users, and society, in case of collapse – Like banks in the 2008 financial crisis, Facebook and other tech giants are ‚too big to fail‘, according to research from Oxford University that calls for new regulations to protect users, and society, in the event of a possible collapse.“


Forscher warnen vor Ausfall von Facebook – Britische Wissenschaftler fürchten ‚katastrophale soziale und wirtschaftliche Folgen‘, falls das soziale Netzwerk einmal ausfalle. Facebook sei ‚too big to fail‘ – wie große Banken.“


Nachwahlkrampf in den USA

„Silicon Valley game-plans for a messy election night – The close collaboration between Silicon Valley companies in the run-up to election day is detailed in an unusual cross-industry statement. – Google, Facebook, Twitter and other major social media companies are working together to scenario-plan for the last three months before Election Day in the United States – including gaming out what to do if there’s no quickly declared winner in the contest between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden on election night. … Pinterest, LinkedIn-owner Microsoft, and Reddit are also among its signatories. … The document is unusual because the tech companies are often extraordinarily competitive with each other. … And the companies have taken different approaches to what to allow on their platforms. … Catching misinformation quickly to prevent it from influencing elections is a challenge. Critics say the social media companies have waited too long to start efforts like this and may find that it is too late to put the necessary safeguards in place.“


Coinbase geht ins Kreditgeschäft

Coinbase to Offer Bitcoin-Backed Loans to US Customers – Coinbase will allow U.S. retail customers to borrow fiat loans against as much as 30% of their bitcoin holdings in the fall, the San Francisco-based exchange announced Wednesday.“


Neue Twitter-API für Entwickler

Twitter launches new API as it tries to make amends with third-party developers – Twitter is presenting the API v2 not only as a way to deliver new features faster, but as something of a reset in its long and fractious relationship with the app’s developer community.“

The Verge