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Frankreich vs. Google & Amazon

Werbe-Cookies: Frankreich verhängt Millionenstrafe gegen Google und Amazon – Die französische Datenschutzbehörde bittet Google und Amazon mal wieder zur Kasse. Es geht dabei um das unerlaubte und nicht ausreichend erklärte Setzen von Werbe-Cookies. – Frankreichs Datenschutzbehörde CNIL hat Google (beziehungsweise die Muttergesellschaft Alphabet) und Amazon für das widerrechtliche Setzen von Tracking-Cookies ohne vorherigen Consent-Prozess abgestraft. Google muss insgesamt 100 Millionen Euro Strafe zahlen, Amazon immerhin 35 Millionen.“


Deutschland vs. Facebook

Facebook hit with antitrust probe for tying Oculus use to Facebook accounts – Facebook’s bad week just got worse: It’s being investigated in Germany for linking usage of its VR product, Oculus, to having a Facebook account. – The tech giant raised the hackles of the VR community this summer when it announced it would be merging users of the latest Oculus kit onto a single Facebook account – and would end support for existing Oculus account users by 2023.“


Instagram Reels eCommerce

Instagram launches shopping in Reels, its TikTok rival – The new feature was announced in October as something the company had in the works, as part of a ongoing series of shopping-related updates to the Instagram app. With today’s launch, both businesses and creators will be able to tag products when they create Reels – the short-form videos that now have their own tab in Instagram following last month’s redesign.“


Airbnb mit erfolgreichem IPO

Airbnb skyrockets 112% in public market debut, giving it a market cap of $86.5 billion – Airbnb opened at $146 per share on its first day of trading on Thursday, more than doubling the $68 per share price set for its IPO the day before. – The company is going public at a time when the sector has been battered by reduced-travel trends during the public health crisis. … That puts Airbnb past the market cap of travel giant Booking, which has a valuation of more than $86 billion. Competitor Expedia has a market cap of more than $18 billion.“


Apple will auch Modems bauen

Apple is now building the chip it needs to ditch Qualcomm like it ditched Intel – Would an Apple modem be better, or just less reliance on Qualcomm? … Now, Bloomberg reports that Apple’s chip chief has internally revealed that a second chip transition is also already in the early stages: a cellular modem that could mean far less need (if any) for Qualcomm chips in Apple’s products. … If you’ve been following Apple’s struggles with Intel and Qualcomm, this won’t come as much of a surprise: Apple bought Intel’s smartphone modem business last July, which strongly suggested it was only a matter of time before Apple used that purchase to develop its own radio chips.“

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