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Instagram für Kinder unter 13

Facebook Is Building An Instagram For Kids Under The Age Of 13 – ‚We have identified youth work as a priority for Instagram and have added it to our H1 priority list,‘ reads an internal Instagram post obtained by BuzzFeed News. … Current Instagram policy forbids children under the age of 13 from using the service. … The internal announcement comes two days after Instagram said it needs to do more to protect its youngest users. … The announcement lays the groundwork for how Facebook – whose family of products is used by 3.3 billion people every month – plans to expand its user base. … Kumar said children who use YouTube Kids often migrate to the main YouTube platform, which is a boon for the company and concerning for parents.“


Neurales Facebook Armband

Facebook Is Reading Your Brain Waves (Sort Of) – ‚I cannot emphasize this enough: This cannot read your brain,‘ Facebook exec Andrew Bosworth told BuzzFeed News. – Facebook is working on a new neural wristband that can read the electrical signals sent to your hands and send them to an augmented reality interface. Essentially, it’s a bracelet that lets you type without a keyboard (potentially without even moving your fingers) or control something on soon-to-be-released AR glasses. … In 2019, Facebook acquired CTRL-labs, a neural interface startup that had been working on this kind of wearable device for several years. The wearable wrist device has the potential to complement augmented reality glasses and other VR technology Facebook has been working on.“


OpenSea sammelt $23 Mio ein

Crypto marketplace OpenSea raises $23 million to be the ‚Amazon of NFTs‚ – When CryptoKitties roared onto the scene in 2017, most people regarded the collectible digital cats, which were tied to and encapsulated the zany hype around a cryptocurrency called Ethereum, as a joke – a cute joke, but a joke, nonetheless. … Fast-forward three years (and a prolonged Bitcoin slump) later and NFTs – the progeny of the CryptoKitties craze – are resurgent. Artwork by a creator called Beeple is fetching $70 million, a flying Pop-Tarts rainbow cat is netting $600,000, and millions of dollars’ worth of digital content is trading hands every day on OpenSea.“


GeForce Now verdoppelt Preis

GeForce Now’s paid subscription is doubling in price – Nvidia will keep the price the same for Founders subscribers – Nvidia is effectively doubling the price of GeForce Now, its cloud streaming service. The company will add a new subscription tier on Thursday called Priority membership, which will cost $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year, Nvidia announced in a blog post.“