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Internetzugang in Deutschland

„Nur wenige Anschlüsse liefern volles Tempo – Mal geht es um 50 Mbit/s, mal um 500: Laut Bundesnetzagentur können viele Menschen nur davon träumen, mit der in ihren Verträgen versprochenen maximalen Bandbreite zu surfen. … Das legt der jährliche Bericht zur Breitbandmessung der Bundesnetzagentur nahe. … Wirklich zufrieden sein können aber nur 16,4 Prozent der Nutzer: Sie hätten die mit dem Anbieter vereinbarte Maximalgeschwindigkeit oder mehr erhalten, berichtet die Behörde. Hier lag der vorherige Wert bei 12 Prozent. … Im Mobilfunk wurden die maximalen Datenübertragungsraten dem Bericht zufolge noch deutlich seltener erreicht. Nutzer seien gerade einmal bei 14,9 Prozent der Messungen auf mehr als die Hälfte der vereinbarten Maximalgeschwindigkeit gekommen, heißt es.“


Kryptographie vs Coronavirus

„Clever Cryptography Could Protect Privacy in Covid-19 Contact-Tracing Apps – Researchers are racing to achieve the benefits of location-tracking without the surveillance. – Before the Covid-19 pandemic, any system that used smartphones to track locations and contacts sounded like a dystopian surveillance nightmare. Now, it sounds like a dystopian surveillance nightmare that could also save millions of lives and rescue the global economy. The paradoxical challenge: to build that vast tracking system without it becoming a full-on panopticon. … Still, as serious as the threat of surveillance might be, White says, now is not the time to insist on a perfectly private system before rolling out a contact-tracing app. ‚If you have to make a little bit of a tradeoff, that’s fine, too. Because something like this needs to happen in order for people to come out of quarantine,‘ White says.“


Twitter lockert Datenschutz

Twitter notifies users that it’s now sharing more data with advertisers – Users in Europe are the exception – Twitter has removed a privacy feature that allowed all users to stop sharing some private information with advertisers. … There is one major set of exceptions: this mobile ad data will still be kept private for Twitter users in the European Union, the European Free Trade Association, and the United Kingdom. They’ll have to opt in to sharing the information should they wish to let Twitter share more information about them.“

The Verge

Disney+: 50 Millionen Abonnenten

Disney+ Surpasses 50 Million Paid Subscribers After Launches in Europe & India – Disney announced that the company has surpassed 50 million paid subscribers, following their launch in India and eight Western European countries (UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland) over the past three weeks. Of the 50 million subscribers, approximately eight million of those come from their existing Hotstar service, which was rebranded Disney+ Hotstar for their April 3rd launch. – In February, Disney announced that their widely popular streaming service, Disney+, has amassed 26.5 million subscribers in its Q1 2020 — and 28.6 million subscribers as of February 4th. That means that the company has added 21.4 million subscribers in just over two months.“

The Streamable

Apple & Amazon vs Netflix

Apple, Amazon, and Common Enemies – Last week, without fanfare, Amazon Prime Video apps on iOS made a subtle change to the experience of purchasing or renting TV Shows and videos… This is the most compelling lens with which to view Apple and Amazon’s recent partnerships. Both, given their desire to be a platform for over-the-top services, are on the same side when it comes to a potential Netflix-dominated future: neither want it to happen. Netflix dominating means that shows are sold directly to Netflix; channels are pointless. Apple and Amazon both, though, want channels to exist, if only so that they can sell subscriptions to them.“


Gartentechnik.com und PayPal

„Wie ist die aktuelle Situation beim Motoristen und ist PayPal eine Zahlungsalternative für die Kunden? Darüber sprechen wir heute mit Christian Schlotter, Schlotter Land- und Gartentechnik GmbH in 65510 Idstein-Wörsdorf… Die Integration von PayPal ist einfach und wirkt sich positiv aus. Erfahren Sie welche Kunden PayPal nutzen und ob darüber Verkäufe beim Motoristen vor Ort erfolgen.“