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Datenschutz: Irland vs Facebook

Facebook told it may have to suspend EU data transfers after Schrems II rulingIreland’s data protection watchdog, the DPC, has sent Facebook a preliminary order to suspend data transfers from the EU to the US, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing people familiar with the matter and including a confirmation from Facebook’s VP of global affairs, Nick Clegg. – The preliminary suspension order follows a landmark ruling by Europe’s top court this summer which both struck down a flagship data transfer arrangement between the EU and the US and cast doubt on the legality of an alternative transfer mechanism (aka SCCs) – certainly in cases where data is flowing to a non-EU entity that falls under US surveillance law.“


EU vs E2E: Überwachung geplant

EU-Kommission: Mit Hashabgleich und TPM gegen Ende-zu-EndeVerschlüsselung – Experten zeigen im Auftrag der EU-Kommission Ansätze auf, um Material zu sexuellem Kindesmissbrauch in durchgängig verschlüsselter Kommunikation aufzudecken. … Das Prüfsummen- und Abgleichverfahren sollte laut den Experten daher schon auf dem Endgerät des Absenders greifen, bevor die Kommunikation kryptographisch abgeschirmt wird. … Zuerst solle die ‚freiwillige‘ Rasterung aller Nachrichten durchgedrückt werden, kommentiert der EU-Abgeordnete Patrick Breyer. Nächstes Jahr wolle die Kommission dann ‚die Durchleuchtung verpflichtend machen‘. Um dies zu stoppen, sei eine ’neue #Zensursula-Kampagne‘ nötig. Kritiker geben ferner zu bedenken, dass eine für den Bereich Kindesmissbrauch eingeführte Lösung leicht etwa auf den Kampf gegen Urheberrechtsverletzungen oder missliebige Propaganda erweiterbar sei.“


LTSE: Long-Term Stock Exchange

„Silicon Valley’s new stock exchange opens for business – Trading is starting on the Long-Term Stock Exchange. Next up? Attracting a listing. – A new stock exchange backed by Silicon Valley heavyweights is opening for business Wednesday. The Long-Term Stock Exchange can now trade all U.S. exchange-listed stocks, and it will now start soliciting new listings from companies that commit to policies around diversity, sustainability and long-term planning. – ‚I will view this as a success just if every company from now should have to consider it,‘ said the LTSE’s CEO, Eric Ries. ‚Just like they have to consider where to list – they have to hear a pitch from NYSE, they have to hear pitch from Nasdaq – we just want them to hear our pitch, too.'“


Mastercard und Kryptowährungen

Mastercard launches digital currency kit for central banks – In the 10 years since Bitcoin came on the financial scene, central banks have quietly been dabbling in digital currencies of their own. Now, Mastercard has unveiled a tool designed to simulate how those currencies would work in the real world. – The payments giant announced the project on Wednesday morning, calling it the Central Bank Digital Currencies Testing Platform – a bland title to be sure, but one likely to find favor with cautious central bankers.“


Nintendo Switch: stark gesucht!

Nintendo’s Amping Up Switch Production Yet Again ‚Cause We’re All Quarantine Gaming Fiends – Finding a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite during the pandemic hasn’t been easy. Which is why, according to Bloomberg, Nintendo is raising its production goal for the Switch yet again to 30 million units for this year. … Supposedly, while Nintendo’s official 2020 shipment forecast remains at 19 million, it has ramped up production to 22 million, 25 million, and now 30 million. Bloomberg reports that currently, Nintendo’s assembly partners are operating their factories at 120% even as supply chain issues in China have since been smoothed over.“