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Kontaktverfolgung international

„The technologies the world is using to track coronavirus – and people – Now that the world is in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic, governments are quickly deploying their own cocktails of tracking methods. These include device-based contact tracing, wearables, thermal scanning, drones, and facial recognition technology. It’s important to understand how those tools and technologies work and how governments are using them to track not just the spread of the coronavirus, but the movements of their citizens.“


Telemedizin auf dem Vormarsch

Telehealth’s future is bright. Here’s what it’ll look like in 2025 – Lots of people are having their first experiences with telemedicine right now as a result of the pandemic. They like it, and they’ll very likely expect to be able to continue accessing healthcare in this way after COVID-19 is long gone. The healthcare industry is notoriously slow in adapting new technologies, but COVID-19 may prove to be telehealth’s watershed moment.“

Fast Company

IBM entlässt tausende Mitarbeiter

IBM cuts deep into workforce – even its Watson and AI teams – as it ‚pivots‘ to cloud – IBM is swinging the axe on its staff, with significant numbers of employees not attached to the cloud being told their time at Big Blue is up. … IBM, which employs 350,000 globally, told us that dumped workers in America will receive ’subsidized medical coverage … through June 2021′ The forums we’ve probed agree that staff have been given 30 days of notice, and 90 days of severance pay.“

The Register

Riot: Geldspritze von Automattic

WordPress-Anbieter Automattic: Geldspritze für RiotMessenger – 4,6 Millionen US-Dollar steckt Automattic in die Macher des Messengers Riot und überlegt, wie man das Matrix-Protokoll mit WordPress verbinden kann. – New Vector, das Startup hinter dem Messenger Riot, hat 4,6 Millionen US-Dollar Risikokapital vom WordPress-Dienstleister Automattic erhalten. New Vectors Anwendung Riot setzt auf das dezentrale, freie Messagingprotokoll Matrix und gilt als einer der Referenzclients dafür. New Vector ist ebenfalls prominent an der Entwicklung des Matrix-Protokolls beteiligt.“


RCS mit E2E-Verschlüsselung?

Google Messages preparing end-to-end encryption for RCS messages – For years now, folks have been excited about RCS messaging as being the true successor to SMS and MMS messages and an open competitor to Apple’s iMessage. However, one thing that iMessage has long offered that RCS could not is the ability to know your messages are secure thanks to end-to-end encryption. For an over simplified explanation of end-to-end encryption, your message is encrypted on your device in such a way that it can only be decrypted and read on the recipient’s device, meaning no one should be able to snoop on your conversation.“


Run The World: Live-Events online

Run The World raises $10.8 million to bring live events online – Some businesses have boomed, and others have gone bust due to the COVID-19 crisis – without question, live events is one sector that has been hit hardest. But as the world adapts to a new way of working, online events are seeing a surge in demand, with tech behemoths such as Apple transitioning their traditionally offline conferences into the virtual realm.“