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Smartphones vs Coronavirus?

U.S. government, tech industry discussing ways to use smartphone location data to combat coronavirus – The U.S. government is in active talks with Facebook, Google and a wide array of tech companies and health experts about how they can use location data gleaned from Americans’ phones to combat the novel coronavirus, including tracking whether people are keeping one another at safe distances to stem the outbreak. … Analyzing trends in smartphone owners’ whereabouts could prove to be a powerful tool for health authorities looking to track coronavirus, which has infected more than 180,000 people globally. … A task force created by tech executives, entrepreneurs and investors presented a range of ideas around disease mapping and telehealth to the White House during a private meeting Sunday. … The new efforts by Washington and Silicon Valley arrived the same week that dozens of engineers, executives and epidemiologists issued an open letter, calling on companies to take a greater stand against coronavirus. … Privacy advocates typically look skeptically on such commercial uses of location data, calling for stricter laws governing its use.“

Washington Post

Facebooks Content-Moderation

Facebook was marking legitimate news articles about the coronavirus as spam due to a software bug – The company is fixing the posts and bringing them back.“

The Verge

Facebook’s misinformation problem goes deeper than you think – In a new report, researchers at Ranking Digital Rights lay out a prescription for fixing Facebook … But a report published this morning by Ranking Digital Rights makes the case that Facebook’s current moderation approach may be unable to meaningfully address the problem. According to the researchers, the problem is rooted in Facebook’s business model: data-targeted ads and algorithmically optimized content. … The main problem is that ad targeting itself allows anyone with the motivation and the money to spend it, which is anyone, really. You can break apart finely tuned pieces of the audience and send different messages to each piece. And it’s possible to do that because so much data has been collected about each and every one of us in service of getting us to buy more cars, buy more consumer products, sign up for different services, and so on.“

The Verge

Coronavirus and the emergency in content moderation – Today, let’s talk about some of the front-line workers at Facebook and Google working on the pandemic: the content moderators who keep the site running day in and day out. Like most stories about content moderators, it’s a tale about difficult tradeoffs. And actions taken over the past few days by Facebook and YouTube will have significant implications for the future of the business. … Fast-forward to today, when a pandemic is spreading around the world at frightening speed. We still need just as many moderators working to police social networks, if not moreusage is clearly surging.“

The Interface

Facebook to award $100 mln in cash grants, ad credits to small businesses – Facebook Inc said Tuesday it plans to award $100 million in cash grants and ad credits for up to 30,000 small businesses in over 30 countries to address the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak. – The majority will be in cash grants and Facebook will disclose more details soon about how businesses will be able to apply for assistance.“


Microsoft Edge vs Privatsphäre

Microsoft Edge Shares Privacy-Busting Telemetry, Research Alleges – An academic study found Microsoft’s Edge browser to be the least private, due to it sending device identifiers and web browsing pages to back-end servers. – Microsoft Edge is one of the least private web browsers – even more so than other popular browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox – according to academic researchers. – According to the analysis, from Douglas Leith with the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College in Ireland, Edge sends privacy-invasive telemetry to Microsoft’s back-end servers # including ‚persistent‘ device identifiers and URLs typed into browsing pages.“


Homeoffice als Herausforderung

Arbeiten in Zeiten des Coronavirus: Home-Office als Herausforderung – Durch die aktuelle Krise wird die Digitalisierung des Erwerbslebens endlich vorangetrieben. Doch im Hauruck-Verfahren entstehen neue Probleme.“


Kostenloser Homeoffice-Guide: Produktiv arbeiten trotz Corona – In diesem Guide erklären wir, wie die Heimarbeit am besten funktioniert und worauf es für alle Beteiligten zu achten gilt. Wir geben dir Tools an die Hand, die Videokonferenzen möglich machen, und erklären, wie Arbeitsschritte für alle nachvollziehend dokumentiert werden können. Wir geben Workflows-Tipps und verraten die wichtigsten Verhaltensregeln.“

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