eicker.TV gibt es als Vlog auf YouTube, TikTok, Instagram und zusätzlich als Podcast auf SoundCloud: Der Podcast kann bei Apple, Google, Spotify und über viele weitere Podcastclients abonniert werden.

Soziale Netzwerke neu denken

„What a Better Social Network Would Look Like – An offhand tweet sparked an outpouring of ideas to fix what’s broken about Facebook and Twitter … Stop hate for profit? No thanks, says Facebook: We’ll keep both. … Imagining a path forward for social media. … Make social networks nonprofits … Ban algorithmic amplification … Restrict personal data collection and behavioral advertising … Stop putting white men in charge … Let a field of smaller social networks bloom


DSGVO vs Videokonferenz

Teams und Zoom lassen sich nicht rechtskonform nutzen – Die führenden Videokonferenzsysteme Zoom, Teams und Skype von Microsoft sowie Google Meet, GoToMeeting, Blizz und Cisco Webex sind bei einem Kurztest der Berliner Datenschutzbeauftragten Maja Smoltczyk allesamt durchgefallen. ‚Leider erfüllen einige der Anbieter, die technisch ausgereifte Lösungen bereitstellen, die datenschutzrechtlichen Anforderungen bisher nicht‘, erklärte Smoltczyk. … Eine grüne Ampel erhielten kommerziell bereitgestellte Instanzen der Open-SourceSoftware Jitsi, etwa von Netways oder sichere-videokonferenz.de. Eine positive Bewertung erhielten auch … Big Blue Button von Werk21 sowie Wire.“


Google Werbung ohne Tracking

Google-backed groups criticize Apple’s new warnings on user tracking – A group of European digital advertising associations on Friday criticized Apple Inc’s … plans to require apps to seek additional permission from users before tracking them across other apps and websites. … Sixteen marketing associations, some of which are backed by Facebook Inc (FB.O) and Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) Google, faulted Apple for not adhering to an ad-industry system for seeking user consent under European privacy rules. Apps will now need to ask for permission twice, increasing the risk users will refuse, the associations argued.“


Apple weit vor Wettbewerb

Apple Is Pulling Away From the Competition – For the second year in a row, Apple held a developers conference that should frighten its competitors. Relying on a nearly maniacal obsession with the user experience, Apple is removing oxygen from every market that it plays in. At the same time, the tech landscape is riddled with increasingly bad bets, indifference, and a lack of vision. Apple is pulling away from the competition to a degree that we haven’t ever seen before.“

Above Avalon

iOS 14: iCloud Keychain now alerts users about leaked passwords, more – If you’re not familiar with iCloud Keychain, it stores and syncs all your passwords from different websites and apps through iCloud. Users can access the iCloud Keychain with an iPhone or iPad by opening the Settings app and then tapping the Passwords menu. – With iOS 14, Apple offers a new ‚Security Recommendations‘ menu that shows only your passwords that could put your accounts at risk for some reason. This includes passwords that are easy to guess and even those that may have leaked on the web.“