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State of Startups 2019

„Welcome to the fifth edition of State of Startups [2019]. … It’s now the industry’s largest dataset on what it’s like to run a startup with 3,600+ submissions and 190,000+ data points. … Founders fear the bubble – concerns are at a 4-year high. – This year, over two-thirds of founders who ventured a guess think we are in a bubble for technology companies. It’s the highest number we’ve seen since 2015 – up 12% from 2018 and 25% from 2017. – Founders anticipate rockier fundraising roads in 2020. – In our 2018 survey, founders were optimistic about the year to come. Only 44% believed it would get harder to raise venture capital and only 46% believed investors would regain the upper hand. – Gender bias in hiring is bad, and in fundraising it’s worse. – 40% of female employees reported that their gender hurt their chances of getting hired or landing senior roles in tech. – If you’re a founder, the deck is even more stacked against you: 70% of female founders felt their gender hurt their ability to fundraise. … Community is the new moat. – Nearly 80% of founders reported building a community of users as important to their business, with 28% describing it as their moat and critical to their success.“

First Round

Connected Home

„The biggest names in the connected home category are reaching across the aisle to create an open-source standard. Marquee names Amazon, Apple, Google and the Zigbee Alliance are leading the charge here. – There are a number of key partners on the board, as well, including Ikea, Legrand, NXP Semiconductors, Resideo, Samsung SmartThings, Schneider Electric, Signify (nee Philips Lighting), Silicon Labs, Somfy and Wulian. – The goals certainly seem solid from the outset. The Connected Home over IP project seeks to create a connectivity standard designed to increase compatibility across companies and devices.


Facebook Location Tracking

Facebook fails to convince lawmakers it needs to track your location at all times – In response to a letter from Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., and Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., Facebook explained why it tracks users’ locations even when their tracking services are turned off. – The lawmakers now say Facebook should give users more control over their data. – Facebook said it used location data to target ads and for certain security functions. … Facebook said that even when location tracking is turned off, it can deduce users’ general locations from context clues like locations they tag in photos as well as their devices’ IP addresses.“


Facebook kauft PlayGiga

„Facebook acquires Spanish cloud video gaming company PlayGiga – Facebook has acquired PlayGiga, a Madrid-based company that specializes in cloud gaming. – Over the past few years, Facebook has been expanding its efforts in gaming. – The PlayGiga deal comes as numerous tech and gaming companies begin to roll out cloud video gaming services. – A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the deal to CNBC on Wednesday, after Spanish business newspaper Cinco Dias reported late last week that the acquisition was coming and that the price was approximately 70 million euros (about $78 million).“


Putin <3 Windows XP

„Putin nutzt wohl immer noch Windows XPRusslands Präsident Wladimir Putin nutzt auf seinen Arbeits-PCs das stark veraltete Betriebssystem Windows XP, berichtet das russische Nachrichtenportal Open Media. – Hersteller Microsoft hat den Support für das Betriebssystem schon 2014 eingestellt. – Die russische Präsidialverwaltung soll nicht mehr mit neueren Windows-Versionen ausgestattet werden, sondern mit dem russischen Betriebssystem Astra Linux. … Aktuell soll XP weltweit nur noch auf 1,3 Prozent aller laufenden PCs installiert sein.“