eicker.TV gibt es als Vlog auf YouTube, TikTok, Instagram und zusätzlich als Podcast auf SoundCloud: Der Podcast kann bei Apple, Google, Spotify und über viele weitere Podcastclients abonniert werden.

Facebook Aufsichtsgremium: Trump

Facebook Has Referred Trump’s Suspension to Its Oversight Board. Now What? – On Jan. 7, the day after the riot in the U.S. Capitol, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the “indefinite” suspension of Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. It remained unclear whether Trump would be banned from the platforms forever… Facebook has referred the suspension to the Facebook Oversight Board: an external court-like institution that Facebook set up to review its ‚most difficult and significant content decisions‘ and that, under its bylaws, has the power to issue binding decisions on the platform. … Before the board stepped in, the bottom line on Trump’s account was simply that Mark Zuckerberg would decide what to do. If you believe that ‚Mark decides‘ is a bad governance model for the future of speech online – regardless of whether Mark occasionally happens to decide correctly – this referral is good news.“


Parler scheitert gegen Amazon AWS

„Judge refuses to reinstate Parler’s Amazon account – A Washington judge has denied social network Parler’s demand to be reinstated on Amazon Web Services. Following a hearing last week, Judge Barbara Rothstein declined to grant a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit against Amazon, saying Parler provided ‚dwindlingly slight‘ evidence for an antitrust complaint and ‚failed to allege basic facts‘ of improper business activity.“

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Elasticsearch: Lizenz wegen Amazon

Amazon: NOT OK – why we had to change Elastic licensing – We recently announced a license change: Blog, FAQ. We posted some additional guidance on the license change this morning. I wanted to share why we had to make this change. – This was an incredibly hard decision, especially with my background and history around Open Source. I take our responsibility very seriously. And to be clear, this change most likely has zero effect on you, our users. It has no effect on our customers that engage with us either in cloud or on premises. Its goal, hopefully, is pretty clear. – So why the change? AWS and Amazon Elasticsearch Service. They have been doing things that we think are just NOT OK since 2015 and it has only gotten worse. If we don’t stand up to them now, as a successful company and leader in the market, who will? … And to be clear, this change most likely has zero effect on you, our users. And no effect on our customers that engage with us either in cloud or on premises. – We created Elasticsearch; we care about it more than anyone else. It is our life’s work. We will wake up every day and do more to move the technology forward and innovate on your behalf.“


FCC: Rosenworcel & Netzneutralität

Biden taps Rosenworcel to lead FCC – President Biden has designated Jessica Rosenworcel as acting chairwoman of the Federal Communications Commission, according to an agency statement. – Rosenworcel served as an FCC commissioner during both the Obama and Trump administrations. She supported net neutrality rules and opposed mega-mergers that came before the agency including that between T-Mobile and Sprint.“


Beeper: ein Messenger für 15 Clients

„Pebble founder promises iMessage on Android and Windows with universal chat appBeeper brings 15 chat apps together into one interface – Beeper is a new universal chat app that’s an attempt to unify 15 different chat platforms into a single interface. The app is the work of a team that includes Eric Migicovsky, the CEO and founder of former smartwatch manufacturer Pebble, who announced its launch on Twitter. Beeper’s site notes that the project was previously known as NovaChat, and requires a $10 per month subscription. – Although Beeper integrates with world’s most popular messaging services like WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Slack, Twitter, Discord, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, it’s the support for Apple’s iMessage that’s perhaps most interesting. iMessage is only officially available on Apple devices, and it’s often cited by users as something that prevents them switching to Android.“

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Raspberry Pi Pico: 4$ Mikrocontroller

Raspberry Pi Foundation launches $4 microcontroller with custom chip – Meet the Raspberry Pi Pico, a tiny little microcontroller that lets you build hardware projects with some code running on the microcontroller. Even more interesting, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is using its own RP2040 chip, which means that the foundation is now making its own silicon. – If you’re not familiar with microcontrollers, those devices let you control other parts or other devices. You might think that you can already do this kind of stuff with a regular Raspberry Pi. But microcontrollers are specifically designed to interact with other things. – They’re cheap, they’re small and they draw very little power.“