eicker.TV gibt es als Vlog auf YouTube, TikTok, Instagram und zusätzlich als Podcast auf SoundCloud: Der Podcast kann bei Apple, Google, Spotify und über viele weitere Podcastclients abonniert werden.

Überwachungskameras gehackt

Hackers Breach Thousands of Security Cameras, Exposing Tesla, Jails, Hospitals – Hacker group says it wanted to show prevalence of surveillance – Video footage was captured from Sequoia-backed startup Verkada – A group of hackers say they breached a massive trove of security-camera data collected by Silicon Valley startup Verkada Inc., gaining access to live feeds of 150,000 surveillance cameras inside hospitals, companies, police departments, prisons and schools.“


T-Mobile: Werbetracking aktiv

T-Mobile to Step Up Ad Targeting of Cellphone Customers – Wireless carrier tells subscribers it could share their masked browsing, app data and online activity with advertisers unless they opt out – T-Mobile US Inc. will automatically enroll its phone subscribers in an advertising program informed by their online activity, testing businesses’ appetite for information that other companies have restricted. … A T-Mobile spokeswoman said the changes give subscribers advertising that aligns with their interests. ‚We’ve heard many say they prefer more relevant ads so we’re defaulting to this setting,‘ she said.“


Google Travel: kostenlose Links

„After similar moves for Shopping and Flights, Google makes hotel listings free – Beginning this week, Google will make it free for hotels and travel companies around the world to appear in hotel booking links on Google.com/travel – a change that will give users a more comprehensive look into hotel room availability as they research and plan their trips. … In reality, the adoption of free listings is part of a larger effort underway at Google to shift many of its destinations that were previously powered by paid ads to become free listings. – On the e-commerce front, this shift was meant to strategically counteract the growing threat from Amazon in e-commerce, which has steadily grown its ad business over the years.“


Apple Podcasts: folgen statt Abo

„‚Follow our podcast‚: Apple Podcasts to stop using ’subscribe‘ – The word ’subscribe’ has been confusing potential listeners for more than fifteen years. It’s time for every podcast app to copy Spotify, Stitcher, Apple and Amazon by using ‚follow’ – and for every podcaster to follow their lead. The way we talk about podcasts has changed forever: and that’s probably a good thing.“