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UK vs Apple und Google

„NHS rejects AppleGoogle coronavirus app plan – The UK’s coronavirus contact-tracing app is set to use a different model to the one proposed by Apple and Google, despite concerns raised about privacy and performance. – The NHS says it has a way to make the software work ’sufficiently well‘ on iPhones without users having to keep it active and on-screen. – That limitation has posed problems for similar apps in other countries. … The tech giants believe their effort provides more privacy, as it limits the ability of either the authorities or a hacker to use the computer server logs to track specific individuals and identify their social interactions.“


Roboter vs Virus

„As Workers Spread Out to Halt the Virus, Robots Fill the Gaps – Social distancing requires rethinking the layout of workplaces. A new breed of robots can help keep factories and warehouses running. – As the coronavirus began to spread through Japan in March, workers at a warehouse in Sugito that processes millions of personal care products each day were overrun by a spike in demand for masks, gloves, soap, and hand sanitizer. – To prevent workers from spreading the deadly virus, the company that operates the center, PalTac, introduced temperature checks, masks, and regular decontaminations. In coming weeks, it plans a more radical solution- hiring more robots.“


TikTok: Ärzte und Fakenews

Doctors are now social-media influencers. They aren’t all ready for it. – The pandemic is turning medics into social-media stars, but even the most successful say being a positive influence is difficult. … As doctors who are on the internet but treat real patients too, they can see firsthand how misinformation affects people. In one recent weekend Varshavski treated five covid-19 patients with mild symptoms, and each asked for hydroxychloroquine, a risky possible treatment that can cause serious heart issues in some patients. Some told Varshavski that they heard about it on TV.“

MIT Technology Review

TikTok launches Donation Stickers, allowing creators to fundraise for coronavirus relief efforts – TikTok is making it easier for creators and their fans to donate to favorite charities amid the coronavirus pandemic. The company today announced the launch of a new, interactive feature, Donation Stickers, that creators can use on their videos and live streams in order to raise funds for favorite charities directly in the TikTok app.“


Videokonferenzen zum Arbeiten

„Big companies dominate video chat. Meet the startups racing to disrupt them. – As videoconferencing becomes part of everyone’s work life, several startups are betting there are better ways to do it. … Whereby first found an audience that loved how easy it was to start and join meetings, but now is finding that users want to do more than just chat. … Last year Whereby rolled out a feature that let people embed Google Docs or Trello boards in the chat and work on them together. Now it’s looking at other apps, other integrations, other ways to help people get stuff done in a virtual chat the way they might in a conference room.“


Libra mit Checkout.com

Facebook-backed digital currency project Libra has a new member – Checkout.com is the first payments firm to join the Libra Association since Visa, Mastercard and Stripe pulled out over regulatory concerns. – The project recently overhauled its plans, proposing several currency-backed stablecoins and one single multi-currency token.“