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Amazon: Algorithmen-Mitarbeiter.in

Amazon is using algorithms with little human intervention to fire Flex workersRetailer lets bots manage many HR decisions for its Flex delivery program. … Millions of independent contractors are at the whim of a system that Amazon knows is problematic, according to a new report by Bloomberg. … The e-commerce giant started Flex in 2015 to handle surges of packages and two-hour deliveries for its Prime Now service. Today, it also coordinates deliveries for Whole Foods grocery orders. … Flex hirings, performance reports, and firings are all handled by software, with minimal intervention by humans. … Former Flex drivers interviewed by Bloomberg and driver reports posted on forums across the Internet reveal an opaque system that often leaves them guessing as to why their ratings dropped or why their accounts were terminated – effectively firing them from the job.“

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Apps: $64,9 Mrd. im 1. Halbjahr 2021

Consumer spending on apps hit record $64.9B in first half of 2021, but install growth slowed to 1.7% – Consumer spending in mobile apps hit a record $64.9 billion during the first half of 2021, according to preliminary data from app store intelligence firm Sensor Tower. This figure represents a 24.8% increase in spending seen across both the App Store and Google Play, compared with the year-ago period. But while industry experts believe the accelerated shift to mobile fueled by the pandemic is a trend that will continue, it’s worth noting that – despite the new record – the growth rate for consumer spending has slightly slowed, and the download growth slowed more dramatically.“


Coinbase bekommt Lizenz der BaFin

Coinbase Receives Crypto Custody License From German Regulator BaFin – The license will allow Coinbase to continue operating in Germany. … Coinbase is the first company to receive the license, BaFin said in a press release. – In November 2019, Germany’s parliament – the Bundestag – passed a law that required firms custodying crypto for Germans to apply for a crypto custody license or leave Germany. Companies that were already operating in the country on Jan. 1, 2020, were required to announce their intent to apply by March 31 of that year and apply by Nov. 30.“


Coinbase CEO: We plan to list every crypto asset where legally viable – He added that the exchange may introduce a reviews system so its users can rate the various coins.“

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Discord kauft AR-Startup Ubiquity6

Discord acquires augmented reality startup Ubiquity6 – After raising tens of millions from investors and executing a pretty substantial pivot earlier this year, augmented reality startup Ubiquity6 and its team have been acquired by gaming chat app giant Discord. … In recent months, Ubiquity6 had executed a pretty drastic pivot, leaving augmented reality completely behind in favor of building out a desktop platform that allowed users to play simple online party games together remotely. The beta platform, called Backyard, was designed for pandemic era habits that seem to be on the decline as the US springs back into action. Backyard was discontinued this week as part of the acquisition announcement.“