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(Soziale) Medien: Emotion siegt

„Why the right wing has a massive advantage on Facebook – Throughout 2020, Democrats have denounced Facebook with growing ferocity as a ‚right wing echo chamber‘ with a ‚conservative bias‘ that’s giving an edge to Donald Trump in November. – But Facebook says there’s a reason why right-wing figures are driving more engagement. It’s not that its algorithm favors conservatives – the company has long maintained that its platform is neutral. Instead, the right is better at connecting with people on a visceral level, the company says. – ‚Right-wing populism is always more engaging,‘ a Facebook executive said in a recent interview with Politico reporters, when pressed why the pages of conservatives drive such high interactions. The person said the content speaks to ‚an incredibly strong, primitive emotion‘ by touching on such topics as ’nation, protection, the other, anger, fear.‘ – ‚That was there in the [19]30’s. That’s not invented by social media – you just see those reflexes mirrored in social media, they’re not created by social media,‘ the executive added.“


Produktive Homeoffice-Kleidung

„The Science Behind WFH Dressing for Zoom – What you wear while working actually matters; Researchers studying ‘enclothed cognition’ say your clothing choices at home can affect productivity and performance – ‚Just putting on [formal] clothes doesn’t matter as much if you’re just as confident when you’re wearing casual clothes and you feel like you can work just as well that way,‘ says Vanessa Bohns, associate professor of organizational behavior at Cornell University’s ILR School. Yet she recommends changing into clothing associated with work at the beginning of the day to cue a sense of being in serious work mode: ‚You feel physically different, and the clothes feel different so that tells your body, which also tells your mind, that this is work time.'“


(Fast) 20 Jahre Agiles Manifest

Agilität in Zeiten von Corona – In Zeiten von Corona helfen agile Methoden, den Digitalen Kapitalismus flexibel und widerstandsfähig zu machen. Das Manifest ist fast 20 Jahre alt. – Bald feiern die Agilen Methoden zwanzigsten Geburtstag. Im Februar des Jahres 2001 entstand auf einer Skihütte in einem Wintersportgebiet im US-Bundesstaat Utah das Manifest für Agile Softwareentwicklung, das Gründungsdokument der agilen Bewegung.“


Jiko kauft Mid Central Bank

Start-up co-founded by ex-Goldman trader is first fintech to complete takeover of a national bank – Jiko, a 23-person company co-founded by Stephane Lintner, has closed a deal to purchase Mid Central National Bank, a 63-year old retail bank based in Minnesota, according to people with knowledge of the transaction.“


TikTok: die Saga geht weiter

TikTok Wins Reprieve From U.S. Ban – A federal judge’s preliminary injunction means the app stores can continue offering the video app for downloads for now. – The injunction halts only the element of the ban scheduled to take effect Sunday at midnight, which would have forced TikTok off app stores run by companies like Apple and Google. It does not cover a broader set of restrictions set to take effect in November ‚at this time,‘ the judge, Carl Nichols of United States District Court for the District of Columbia, said in his order.“