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Soziale Netzwerke und Demokratie

„Why Obama Fears for Our Democracy – In an exclusive interview, the former president identifies the greatest threats to the American experiment, explains why he’s still hopeful, and opens up about his new book. … The populist wave was abetted by Fox News and other right-wing media outlets, he said, and encouraged to spread by social-media companies uninterested in exploring their impact on democracy. ‚I don’t hold the tech companies entirely responsible,‘ he said, ‚because this predates social media. It was already there. But social media has turbocharged it. I know most of these folks. I’ve talked to them about it. The degree to which these companies are insisting that they are more like a phone company than they are like The Atlantic, I do not think is tenable. They are making editorial choices, whether they’ve buried them in algorithms or not. The First Amendment doesn’t require private companies to provide a platform for any view that is out there.'“

The Atlantic

Facebook Knows That Adding Labels To Trump’s False Claims Does Little To Stop Their Spread – Internal data shows that labels on President Trump’s posts decrease reshares by about 8%. They still account for some of the most engaging posts on the platform. … In the aftermath of the 2020 US presidential election, Trump has repeatedly spread false information questioning President-elect Joe Biden’s victory – and been rewarded with massive engagement on Facebook. The company has attempted to temper this by adding labels to the false claims directing people to accurate information about the election and its results.“


„More image and video takedowns might be coming to Facebook and Instagram – The company opens its rights manager up to all page admins – More copyright takedown requests might be coming to Facebook and Instagram. The company announced today that it’s going to allow all page admins around the world to submit images and videos for rights protection, expanding the reach of the feature outside of the limited group of partners who piloted the image copyright launch.“

The Verge

Wie produktiv ist das Homeoffice?

„Zankapfel Homeoffice: Arbeitgeber befürchten Produktivitätsverlust – Sind Büroarbeiter im Homeoffice oder in der Firma produktiver? Eine Umfrage des ifo-Instituts kommt jetzt zu einem kritischen Urteil über mobiles Arbeiten. – Unternehmen in Deutschland sehen einer neuen Umfrage zufolge das Homeoffice weit weniger positiv als viele Arbeitnehmer. Demnach bemerkt nur eine kleine Minderheit von 5,7 Prozent der Unternehmen bei mobilem Arbeiten eine Steigerung der Produktivität ihrer Mitarbeiter. Dagegen meldeten 30,4 Prozent der Firmen eine unveränderte, 27 Prozent sogar eine gesunkene Produktivität ihrer Belegschaft. Das Münchner Ifo-Institut befragte dazu im Auftrag der Stiftung Familienunternehmen im Oktober 1097 Unternehmen.“


Airbnb IPO trotz(t) Corona-Pandemie

Airbnb files to go public, turned a profit last quarter – Airbnb has released its prospectus to debut on public markets. – The company made $219 million in net income on revenues of $1.34 billion last quarter. That was down nearly 19% from $1.65 billion in revenue a year prior. – The company said it plans to trade under the symbol ‚ABNB‘ on the Nasdaq. … Airbnb has endured a tough 2020. As the coronavirus decimated travel around the world, the company raised $2 billion in new debt funding at a valuation of $18 billion and announced major cost-cutting initiatives, including plans to lay off 25% of its staff, or nearly 1,900 employees. … Airbnb rebounded, however, after a surge of rentals in rural areas as residents with means fled pandemic-stricken cities. The rebound began within two months of the pandemic, the company said in its prospectus.“


Apple Podcasts im Web einbinden

„You can now embed Apple Podcasts on the webApple is making it easier to discover and listen to podcasts via the web. The company announced today an Apple Podcasts embed web player is now available, allowing anyone – including creators, listeners or marketers – to generate embed codes for the more than 1.5 million shows available across the Apple Podcasts service.“