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Streaming: Geld verdienen im Schlaf

Twitch Streamers Make Thousands Literally by Just Sleeping – You snooze, you win. – Moments before falling asleep live on Twitch, streamer Matthew ‚Mizkif‘ Rinaudo thought about how pissed off his mom would be if he told her that he made money sleeping. … Rinaudo enabled a bot that let his viewers submit videos if they made a cash donation, and went to bed. On the top right of the screen, the clips played on, while most of the display was taken up by Rinaudo resting on his back or side. Many hours and many cringy videos later, he woke up $5,600 richer. To show he wasn’t blind to how the whole stunt came off, Rinaudo gave a Nintendo Switch away to one of his patrons.“


„How to Make Money in Your Sleep – Some TikTok users are going viral, gaining followers and even making cash by live-streaming themselves overnight. Hundreds of TikTok users have begun live-streaming themselves overnight, while they sleep. Brian Hector, 18, did it just last week. Thousands of people tuned in. Some even donated to him. … Through TikTok’s live feature, viewers can donate digital ‚coins‘ that can be cashed out for money. On Mr. Hector’s first sleep-stream, he said, he received about $10 worth of coins – not riches, exactly, but more than he’d usually be paid to go to sleep ($0).“


Postmates: kontaktlose Zustellung

Postmates says it will start ’non-contact‘ meal deliveries during the coronavirus outbreak – The on-demand food delivery industry marches on – Food delivery platform Postmates is starting what the company is calling a “non-contact delivery” initiative designed to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus when its contract workers are delivering ordered meals and other goods.“

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Bitcoin-Mining im Kraftwerk

„This Utility Heats New York State – And Mines Its Own Bitcoin – A power plant in New York’s Finger Lakes region has set up its own Bitcoin mining operation, using the electricity it produces to generate about $50,000 worth of the virtual currency every day. … The machines work off so-called ‚behind-the-meter‘ power, which makes it extremely low cost, the private-equity firm said. … The server farm consumes about 15 megawatts of the 106 megawatts of capacity that the plant produces. While in the past the plant used to only run during times of peak energy demand – during summer or winter – it’s now operating year round.“