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UK vs Apple und Google

NHS in standoff with Apple and Google over coronavirus tracing – Tech firms place limitations on how tracing apps may work in effort to protect users‘ privacy – The NHS is in a standoff with Apple and Google after the two tech firms refused to support the UK’s plans to build an app that alerts users when they have been in contact with someone with coronavirus. – Apple and Google are encouraging health services worldwide to build contact-tracing apps that operate in a decentralised way, allowing individuals to know when they’ve been in contact with an infected person but preventing governments from using that data to build a picture of population movements in aggregate. … The limits will prevent the NHS from obtaining useful information about population flows in the aggregate, tracking ’near misses‘ or receiving information about contacts from people who have opted into the system but not recently checked their phones. … On a press call to journalists on Tuesday evening, Google said those limits were in place because neither company wanted to provide functionality in their operating systems to allow for surveillance efforts that could be abused.“

The Guardian

PEPP-PT ohne dezentrales DP-3T?

„Streit beim Corona-App-Projekt – Im europäischen Konsortium PEPP-PT, das die Technologie für eine Corona-Tracking-App entwickeln will, gibt es einen Konflikt: Informationen über einen dezentralen Ansatz wurden ohne Absprache von der Webseite entfernt. … Das dezentrale DP-3T-Protokoll hat eine detaillierte Spezifikation sowie inzwischen auch ersten Quellcode unter freien Lizenzen auf Github veröffentlicht. Die von Google und Apple kürzlich angekündigte Schnittstelle für eine Corona-App orientiert sich am DP-3T-Protokoll und wird vermutlich damit kompatibel sein.“


„Eine Corona-App ersetzt nicht die Kontaktsperre – Eine App, die warnt, wenn man mit Corona-Infizierten Kontakt hatte: So stellen sich Politiker die Lösung der Corona-Krise vor. Nur überschätzen sie die Technologie.“


FB vs Fakenews über COVID-19

Facebook will notify users who engaged with coronavirus misinformation – Facebook will begin informing people who have engaged with coronavirus misinformation on its main Facebook app, the company announced Thursday. It will guide those people to resources from the World Health Organization. – The tech giant typically doesn’t inform users if they’ve engage in debunked content, aside from informing readers about Russian disinformation.“


„Facebook scales back alternatives to F8 developers conference amid coronavirus outbreak – The social network cancelled F8 but was initially planning to host local events. … Facebook’s mostly annual F8 conference was scheduled to take place at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center on May 5 and 6. It is a widely anticipated event, and last year attracted more than 5,000 developers, creators and entrepreneurs worldwide.“


Amazon möchte weniger Käufe

Amazon Retools With Unusual Goal: Get Shoppers to Buy Less Amid Coronavirus Pandemic – Retailer cancels Mother’s Day promotions, uses other tools to limit strain of order surge – Amazon.com Inc. is retooling its website to do the opposite of what made it one of the world’s most powerful and dominant companies: Sell fewer items. – Amazon is struggling to meet an immense surge in order volumes and contend with worker absences during the coronavirus pandemic.“


TikTok unterstützt Eltern

TikTok now lets parents set restrictions on their kids‘ accounts – They can set screen time limits, disable DMs, and restrict content – TikTok is amping up its parental controls today with a feature that lets parents remotely set restrictions on their kids’ accounts. The new feature, called Family Pairing, allows parents to link their kids’ accounts to their own, where they’ll be able to disable direct messages, turn on restricted content mode, and set screen time limits. … Along with the new features, TikTok is also making another change today: it’s disabling direct messages for all users under 16. BuzzFeed News reported last year that the app had issues with predators messaging younger users.“

The Verge