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Ausufernde Google-Bürokratie

„Some Google Executives Wish Sundar Pichai Would Make Decisions Faster … ‚Google was suffering from many of the pitfalls of a large, maturing company – a paralyzing bureaucracy, a bias toward inaction and a fixation on public perception.‘ … In an article about Pichai’s apparently indecisive and slow-moving leadership style, it is remarkable how feeble are the examples cited by Wakabayashi — not even the company’s inability to ship a good messaging client.“

Pixel Envy

Das Google Messenger-Chaos

„A very brief history of every Google messaging app – What a decade and a half of confusing services can tell us about the future … It’s been a long road to get here, but with the launch of Workspace and Google Chat to non-enterprise users, it’s almost possible to see Google’s strategy. Gmail exists for emails; Chat is the GChat / Hangouts-style messaging system for real-time conversations and group chats; Spaces is the Slack / Discord-style area for more persistent, larger rooms based on a particular topic or conversation; and there’s Meet for video chats. – Mobile messaging is messier, though, with Google having spent years trying to get its own services to work side by side with carrier technologies like SMS and RCS – and there’s no end in sight. … If anything is clear in 2021, it’s that Google’s messaging future will likely remain muddled for quite some time.“

The Verge

TikTok Jump: Mini-Apps

TikTok Jump lets creators enhance their videos with ‚mini-app‘ integrations – TikTok creators may no longer need to add a ‚link in bio,‘ at least to certain kinds of content. Today, TikTok introduced Jump, a new way for creators to add interactivity to their videos via third-party integrations. So, for example, a cooking video could feature a list of ingredients via Whisk, a recipe-sharing app. You might also be able to add a quiz via Quizlet, or breathing exercises via Breathwrk. The company has beta-tested this feature before; as of today, all users will be able to see and interact with Jumps, but only a ’select‘ group of creators will actually be able to add them to their content.“


Amazon interessiert an Plus.ai

Amazon eyes robot truck startup as it continues to hedge its bets on AV technology – The e-commerce giant is considering acquiring a 20 percent stake in Plus.ai – Amazon owns a robotaxi company, is experimenting with delivery robots that drive on the sidewalk, and now is considering acquiring a big stake in a robot trucking startup. – According to Bloomberg, the e-commerce giant recently placed an order for 1,000 autonomous driving systems from Plus.ai, a California-based company working on driverless trucking technology. Amazon is also considering buying a 20 percent stake in Plus – a move that could have serious implications for how the company moves its products around the world.“

The Verge