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Signal: Sind Gruppen ein Risiko?

„The battle inside Signal – The fast-growing encrypted messaging app is making itself increasingly vulnerable to abuse. Current and former employees are sounding the alarm. … Last month, according to one research firm, the six-year-old app had about 20 million users worldwide. But in a 12-hour period the Sunday after WhatsApp’s privacy policy update began, Signal added another 2 million users, an employee familiar with the matter told me. Days of temporary outages followed. … Adding millions of users has served as a vindication for a company that has sought to build a healthier internet by adopting different incentives than most Silicon Valley companies. … But Signal’s rapid growth has also been a cause for concern. In the months leading up to and following the 2020 US presidential election, Signal employees raised questions about the development and addition of new features that they fear will lead the platform to be used in dangerous and even harmful ways. … Employees worry that, should Signal fail to build policies and enforcement mechanisms to identify and remove bad actors, the fallout could bring more negative attention to encryption technologies from regulators at a time when their existence is threatened around the world. … On October 28th, Signal added group links, a feature that has become increasingly common to messaging apps. With a couple of taps, users could begin creating links that would allow anyone to join a chat in a group as large as 1,000 people. And because the app uses end-to-end encryption, Signal itself would have no record of the group’s title, its members, or the image the group chose as its avatar. At the same time, the links make it easy for activists to recruit large numbers of people onto Signal simultaneously, with just a few taps.“

The Verge

„Update für Messenger Signal: Neue Funktionen, neue Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten – Die Macher des spendenfinanzierten Messengers haben Signal einige neue Funktionen und Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten ergänzt. … Nutzer können nun separate Hintergründe für einzelne Unterhaltungen aussuchen oder einen Hintergrund für alle Unterhaltungen festlegen. Signal unterstützt nun animierte Sticker und enthält die erste offizielle Sammlung animierter Sticker… Zu ihrem Profilbild und Namen können Nutzer noch einen kleinen Text hinzufügen. Die Profilbilder anderer Nutzer können sie antippen, um eine größere Version des Bilds sehen zu können.“


Twitter Birdwatch vs Fakenews

Twitter launches ‚Birdwatch,‘ a forum to combat misinformation – Twitter said it hopes to build a community of ‚Birdwatchers‘ that can eventually help moderate and label tweets in its main product. – Twitter unveiled a feature Monday meant to bolster its efforts to combat misinformation and disinformation by tapping users in a fashion similar to Wikipedia to flag potentially misleading tweets. – The new system allows users to discuss and provide context to tweets they believe are misleading or false. The project, titled Birdwatch, is a standalone section of Twitter that will at first only be available to a small set of users, largely on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority will not be provided to high-profile people or traditional fact-checkers, but users will have to use an account tied to a real phone number and email address.“


Alpha Global: die Google Union

„Exclusive: Google workers across the globe announce international union alliance to hold Alphabet accountable – Alpha Global includes workers from 10 countries, including the United States and Germany – Google workers across the world are coming together to form a global union alliance. The newly formed coalition, called Alpha Global, is comprised of 13 different unions representing workers in 10 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Switzerland. – The announcement comes weeks after workers in the US and Canada launched the Alphabet Workers Union (AWU), a minority union affiliated with the Communications Workers of America. AWU grew from 230 members to more than 700 within a week after it launched.“

The Verge

Federated Learning of Cohorts

Google says it may have found a privacy-friendly substitute to cookies – Google and web browser rivals Apple and Mozilla have all introduced sweeping privacy changes recently that will collectively phase out cookies, an internet tracking tool that tracks users‘ web browsing history. … Finding a replacement for cookies is a massive challenge, given that the entire digital ad ecosystem, worth $330 billion USD globally, has been mostly built around cookies. … Google has been testing a new API (a software interface) called Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) that acts as an effective replacement signal for third-party cookies. The API exists as a browser extension within Google Chrome. … FLoC uses machine learning algorithms to analyze user data and then create a group of thousands of people based off of the sites that an individual visits. The data gathered locally from the browser is never shared. Instead, the data from the much wider cohort of thousands of people is shared, and that is then used to target ads.“