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COVID-19-Fakenews töten Menschen

COVID-19–Related Infodemic and Its Impact on Public Health: A Global Social Media AnalysisInfodemics, often including rumors, stigma, and conspiracy theories, have been common during the COVID-19 pandemic. Monitoring social media data has been identified as the best method for tracking rumors in real time and as a possible way to dispel misinformation and reduce stigma. However, the detection, assessment, and response to rumors, stigma, and conspiracy theories in real time are a challenge. Therefore, we followed and examined COVID-19–related rumors, stigma, and conspiracy theories circulating on online platforms, including fact-checking agency websites, Facebook, Twitter, and online newspapers, and their impacts on public health. Information was extracted between December 31, 2019 and April 5, 2020, and descriptively analyzed. We performed a content analysis of the news articles to compare and contrast data collected from other sources. We identified 2,311 reports of rumors, stigma, and conspiracy theories in 25 languages from 87 countries. Claims were related to illness, transmission and mortality (24%), control measures (21%), treatment and cure (19%), cause of disease including the origin (15%), violence (1%), and miscellaneous (20%). Of the 2,276 reports for which text ratings were available, 1,856 claims were false (82%). Misinformation fueled by rumors, stigma, and conspiracy theories can have potentially serious implications on the individual and community if prioritized over evidence-based guidelines. Health agencies must track misinformation associated with the COVID-19 in real time, and engage local communities and government stakeholders to debunk misinformation.“


„Tödlich gefährliche Fake News – In sozialen Netzwerken grassieren seit Monaten abstruse Gerüchte über angebliche Heilmittel gegen Covid-19. Das hat einer Studie zufolge viele erst krank gemacht – oder sogar das Leben gekostet. – Seit Beginn der Corona-Pandemie haben Fehlinformationen und Gerüchte in Verbindung mit dem Virus einer Untersuchung zufolge weltweit Hunderte Menschen das Leben gekostet. Tausende weitere mussten wegen der Folgen von Falschinformationen im Krankenhaus behandelt werden, ergab eine im ‚American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene‘ veröffentlichte Studie. – Neben der Pandemie gebe es auch eine ‚Infodemie‚, warnen die beteiligten Forschenden unter anderem aus Australien, Thailand und Japan. Auch WHO und UN haben bereits mehrmals vor der enormen Gefahr durch die Flut von Desinformation gewarnt. … So kostete der Konsum von hochkonzentriertem Alkohol zur Desinfizierung des Körpers weltweit 800 Menschen das Leben. Mehr als 5800 landeten nach dem Verzehr von Methanol im Krankenhaus, 60 erblindeten.“


TikTok-Bann ist Machtmissbrauch

„Trump’s TikTok ban is a gross abuse of power – An alarming precedent for government control over software – For months, President Trump has been teasing some kind of ban on TikTok, keeping the specifics vague and details thin – so when the official executive order came down last week, no one knew quite what to think. … Make no mistake: something ugly and unprecedented is happening here. A social network that’s used by millions of people is set to be banned by presidential fiat, with no public evidence of wrongdoing and only the thinnest gesture at constitutional restraints to executive power. … It’s all the more alarming because we have no clear indication of why it’s happening. … I have no particular love for ByteDance or its subsidiaries, but the app has brought together a community that’s worthy of respect. Destroying that community would be offensive and sad, like banning a book or destroying a film.“

The Verge

Twitter: Antworten unterbinden

Twitter now lets everyone limit replies to their tweets – Twitter may describe itself as the town square, but that doesn’t mean you have to talk to everyone walking past your seat at the cafe. Today, to increase the amount of ‚meaningful conversations‘ that take place on Twitter, and to help people weed out abuse and spam in their replies, the company announced that it is rolling out a new feature where users can limit who replies to their Tweets.“


Mozilla entlässt 250 Mitarbeiter

Mozilla Corporation to Lay Off 250 Staff – The changes come as the Mozilla Corporation looks to invest in more revenue-generating projects like its recently announced VPN. … The news signals the continuing fallout from the coronavirus pandemic on labor, including technology-focused companies. … Baker writes Mozilla Corporation, as well as reducing the size of its workforce by approximately 250 roles, will change the teams for around 60 other people. The staff reduction involves closing the company’s current operations in Taipei, Taiwan, the email adds.“